AJ Kempen Incorporated’s Privacy Policy in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”)


Our firm understands the importance of protecting the privacy and personal information of our clients. We undertake to align our processing and recording of personal information with the Regulations and Guideline Notes of the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”) .

The term processing, means to share or use, save, or store, archive, delete and/or collect information.

Our office will only process sensitive personal information (such as race or religion) and the information of a child, in such instances, as when POPIA allows/requires us to do so.

All our clients’ information will be collected and recorded in accordance with the eight conditions, which POPIA has outlined:

  1. Accountability: We accept accountability for ensuring that the principles of POPIA are complied with.
  2. Processing Limitation: Personal Information will be processed to an extent that is reasonable.
  3. Purpose Specification: All information will only be processed for the purpose for which it was obtained.
  4. Further Processing Limitation: All processing will remain compatible with the original purpose.
  5. Information Quality: Information will only be obtained from reliable sources, to ensure accuracy.
  6. Openness: All information will be processed with the knowledge of our client.
  7. Security Safeguards: All information will be protected against loss, breach, disclosure, and unauthorized access.
  8. Protection: The contents of information will be disclosed upon the receiving of an enquiry from a client.

Our firms Information Officer is Abraham Jacobus Kempen, who can be contacted on:

Cell: 084 662 3341

Tel: 012 362 0330

Email: abe@kempenlaw.co.za

Our Information Officer is responsible for enforcing the Protection of Personal Information Act within our office.

If you require more information, or assistance with your companies’ POPIA compliance, contact our Information Officer today.