The correct Conveyancer is essential


This is an important consideration when it comes to the buying or selling of your home. A conveyancer is an attorney enrolled by the high court who is further qualified in conveyancing. In other words, a conveyancing attorney is a legal property specialist.

The conveyancing attorney must always ensure that their client’s rights are protected, that all the legal obligations involved are met and that they represent the best interests of their clients. The Seller usually chooses the conveyancer and it is important to decide on  the right conveyancer, as it will affect the cost and the time involved in transferring the property.

Don’t be bullied by estate agents:

Sometimes real estate companies place pressure on a Seller to appoint a specific attorney. Choose your own conveyancer to protect your rights and manage your property transaction. Forcing the Seller to make use of a specific attorney is strictly prohibited by the Estate Agents Affairs Board’s code of conduct.

Ensure a smooth transfer of ownership of your property by doing business with a professional and suitable conveyancer:

There are laws that must be abided by when it comes to the registration process. Make sure that your conveyancing attorney is able to deal with the process effectively and efficiently. Practical ways to ensure that your conveyancer does business in a legal and correct manner is to draw up a set of questions before hand relating to time, cost and documents required, in the registration process.


It is very important to communicate regularly with your conveyancing attorney to stay informed of the situation and delays of the registration process.

Conveyancers will be working together with the bond attorney, the bond cancellation attorney, state institutions like SARS, the municipality and the deeds office to ensure registration of the property onto the name of the Purchaser. This could in some instances be frustrating, due to all the role players, but you should receive continuous feedback regarding the progress of your transaction.

A good conveyancer attorney will always be available to answer any question you might have and give you regular updates on the progress of your transaction.